Meet Your Commissioners

Michael Gawley, Fire Commissioner: Upon retiring in 2005 after a rewarding 32 year career with the Federal Aviation Administration, first as an Air Traffic Controller, and eventually as an Administrative Support Specialist and Computer Programmer, Gawley moved to Sequim and very soon after joined District 3 as a Volunteer Firefighter. About a year later Gawley obtained his EMT certification and continues to serve in that role today. In February 2014, and after the resignation of one of the Board of Commissioners members, Gawley was appointed by the remaining two Commissioners to serve out the remainder of that term. Prior to the expiration of that term, Gawley successfully campaigned for the position and was elected to serve an additional six years. His present term will expire at the end of December, 2021. Meanwhile, he is very happy living in Sunland with his wife of 50+ years, enjoying his involvement with Clallam County Fire District 3, spending time with his grandchildren, and leisurely traveling the roads of the Peninsula on his motorcycle when time and weather permit.

Steve Chinn, Fire Commissioner: Commissioner Chinn was appointed by the District’s Board of Commissioners in July of 2016 to fill a vacancy created by the retirement of Commissioner Richard Houts. Commissioner Chinn volunteered with Jefferson County Fire District 5 from 1989-1993. In 1993, he moved to Sequim and served as a volunteer firefighter/ EMT before being promoted to his eventual rank of Captain, which he held until his retirement in 2014. He was an active member of the wildland team for 17 years. Commissioner Chinn also served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Fire District from 2010-2014.  Commissioner Chinn spent 31 years as a teacher in both the Chimacum and Sequim School Districts.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Central Washington University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Portland State University. In addition to teaching in the classroom, he spent over 25 years coaching middle and high school wrestling. 

William “Bill” Miano, Fire Commissioner: Bill and his family moved to Sequim in 2017 and became a volunteer for the District in 2018. Bill spent 22 years in the fire service in Utah, working for different departments in the Salt Lake City metro area as a firefighter/EMT and a firefighter/paramedic, before retiring in 2013 from the West Valley City Fire Department. Bill enjoys the recreational opportunities and the weather that the Olympic Peninsula affords, and on his days off from work can be found mountain biking, hiking, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, playing racquetball, and shuttling his children around to their various hobbies and sporting events in Western Washington. Bill was elected to the Board in 2020 and his current term will expire in 2026.