Area Map & Fire Stations

Clallam County Fire District 3: The Fire District’s 142 square mile service area extends approximately 3 miles east of the Clallam County line into what was formerly a portion of Jefferson County Fire District 5. The District provides and receives mutual-aid from District 5 upon request. This portion of Jefferson District 5 was annexed into Fire District 3 in 2008. The District’s service area extends approximately 24 miles west to the Deer Park area. The District is bordered on the west by Clallam County Fire District 2, who is also an active mutual-aid partner.

The following map illustrates the Fire District’s borders and shows where stations are located. The District staffs three of its seven stations (Stations 33, 34, 37) with on-duty responders on a 24/7/365 basis. The remaining four stations (Stations 31, 32, 35, 36) are considered un-staffed, meaning they are operated by volunteer members who respond to their stations when called upon. The map also identifies the Urban Growth Areas, which are designated as No Outdoor Burning zones.

Urban Growth Area MapsSequim No Burn Area UGA Map  Carlsborg No Burn Area UGA Map

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Physical map of Clallam County Fire Department's Area of Service