Incident Management

Gathering of incident management personnel on sceneIncident Management: All of the District’s responders are trained in the Incident Command System (ICS). Many have completed additional training specific to assuming command positions. This means our responders are capable of managing the ICS structures needed to effectively manage multi-company emergencies; operate a local Department Operations Center (DOC) for managing multiple simultaneous and/or complex emergencies; operate a regional Emergency Operations Center for large-scale and/or multi-discipline events that warrant a Unified Command structure; and are able to participate in state-level mobilization as members of an Incident Management Team for managing large scale incidents.

Incident Management Team (IMT) Experience: The District recognizes that during a major emergency, the ability to mobilize adequate incident command staff from the immediate area is very limited. To address this, the District has sought opportunities outside the area for command staff to gain hands-on experience that can be brought back to the District. Examples include wildland deployments to Eastern Washington to fill roles such as Crew Boss, Medical Unit Leader, Division Supervisor, Incident Commander, etc. Several of the District’s responders serve as Incident Management Team members of the Northwest Incident Management Team.

Large, white bus used as remote incident management headquartersThe Incident Command Vehicle: Operated in collaboration with the Clallam County Sherriff’s office, the Fire District hosts, operates, and maintains an Incident Command Vehicle (ICV). The ICV is stored at the District’s Training & Maintenance Facility. When called upon, qualified responders will mobilize and drive the ICV to the incident’s location. Upon arrival the ICV can be set-up to serve as a mobile field command center specifically to support management of large scale, multi-discipline, and/or complex incidents that warrant a Unified Command structure. The ICV is equipped with complex radio and satellite equipment to support the interoperability of multi-agency communications equipment.