Two firefighters talking in front of burning house during volunteer trainingFor questions or more information, contact us: volunteer@ccfd3.org 

Volunteers: The Fire District is a combination fire department, which means that in addition to career members, we maintain a variety of volunteer programs. This combination brings the community immense benefits from the invaluable contributions provided by a strong cadre of well-trained and highly dedicated volunteers. 

Our 60 some volunteers serve their community, without expectation of compensation; however, their participation in most activities is given a point value, which serves as the basis for reimbursing their expenses. The nominal stipend rates vary for each activity.

Minimum Age Requirements: Volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years old. There is no maximum age. Individuals between 15 – 18 years old may consider the Fire Explorer Scout program.

Volunteer Program Options: The District maintains a variety of program options for prospective volunteer applicants to consider. The following program descriptions explain those options in terms of each program’s role and activity requirements. Reviewing these options should help to guide initial decision-making during the early stages of pursing a volunteer position.

Support Service Volunteer – Support Service Volunteers are assigned to non-combat roles where they support suppression forces with activities such as rehab, air-support, command post aide, medical monitoring, chaplaincy, photography, PIO, etc. Positions can also include administrative roles such as disaster preparedness, public education, public information, logistics and administrative support, etc.

  • Specific continuing education, training, and activity requirements for support service volunteers shall be established on a program and/or individual case-by-case basis depending upon the operational needs of their assigned program or project.

Three firefighters with full gear battling a large fire during volunteer trainingVolunteer Firefighter – Volunteer Firefighters are assigned roles that support the delivery of fire suppression services. This is typically in the form of providing fire suppression activities; but may also include supporting activities such as public education, fire prevention activities, etc.

  • Activity requirements for Volunteer Firefighters include completing the initial 12-week Recruit Academy.
  • Maintain a minimum of 50% Monday night drill attendance based on the scheduled monthly fire training drills.
  • Actively participate as emergency responders when called upon.

Tender Operator – Tender Operators are assigned to fill a fire suppression role that is specific to driving and operating water tenders to shuttle water to firefighting crews. Tender Operators provide a valuable support role that enables fire firefighters to more efficiently protect the lives and property of the citizens within the Fire District.

  • Activity requirements for Tender Operators include completing the training required for obtaining and maintaining driver operator qualifications. In addition, Tender Operators are expected to participate in the District’s monthly training to the extent needed to maintain their competency and working relationships with co-workers.

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Only – EMS Only Volunteers fill non-fire suppression roles that provide emergency medical services to the community. This is typically in the form of providing emergency medical care; but may also include supporting suppression forces through activities such as rehab, air-support, medical monitoring, first-aid, etc.

  • Activity requirements for EMS Only Volunteers include obtaining and maintaining EMT certification.
  • Maintain a minimum of 50% Monday night drill attendance based on the scheduled monthly EMS drills.
  • Actively participate as emergency responders when called upon.

Two firefighters in wildland firefighter trainingWildland Firefighter – Wildland Firefighters are assigned to a Wildland Team, which is primarily called upon to suppress natural vegetation fires within the District, but may also be deployed for regional or state level mobilizations.

  • Activity requirements for Wildland Firefighters include completing the initial training required for obtaining wildland firefighter qualification.
  • Maintain a minimum of 50% drill attendance based on the scheduled monthly Wildland Team training.

Additional Information: The Fire District accepts Volunteer Interest Applications throughout the year. However, depending on the program, the process of initiating actual program enrollment corresponds with the scheduling of initial training. For example, program enrollment begins in October for the January Firefighter Recruit Academy. If interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer, the following resources provide additional information.

Volunteer Selection Process Explanation

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