Fire District 3 No Longer Issues Burn Permits

Oct 1, 2017

Fire District 3 no longer issues burn permits.

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Residential Burning:

Residential burning within Fire District 3 no longer requires a burn permit. Residential Burning is permitted if the fire is less than 4 feet in diameter. Burning is only allowed during daylight hours, recreational fires are excluded from the restriction. No burning is allowed within the Urban Growth Area (UGA) of Sequim and Carlsborg. Only natural vegetation may be burned. Burn Barrels are ILLEGAL.

Residential Burning Guidelines

Sequim No Burn Area Map

Carlsborg No Burn Area Map

Alternatives to Outdoor Burning


Land Clearing Burn Permits:

Land clearing fires still require a permit. The burning of land clearing debris is governed by the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA). Regulations can be found on their Web site Permits can also be applied for via their website. If you have further questions, Please call ORCAA at (800) 422-5623.

Olympic Region Clean Air Agency

Online Land Clearing Permit Application

Land Clearing Permit Application Form