Fire District 3 No Longer Issues Residential Burn Permits

Mar 29, 2017

Dan Orr, Assistant Chief       March 29, 2017

Category: CCFD 3
Posted by: equitslund

On Tuesday, March 21, 2017, The Board of Commissioners for Clallam County Fire District 3 voted to stop issuing residential Fire Permits in Fire District 3. The Fire District burn permit program was based on the Washington State Clean Air Act. In the early 1990”s, Fire Districts were given the option to either have a burn permitting program in place, or have their community restricted to residential fires being limited to two weekends a year. Since then, ORCAA has authorized residential burning without a permit so long as you follow their burning rules. (Same as the Fire District).

Residential Burning is permitted if the fire is less than 4 feet in diameter. Burning is only allowed during daylight hours, recreational fires are excluded from the restriction. No burning is allowed within the Urban Growth Area (UGA) of Sequim and Carlsborg. Only natural vegetation may be burned. Burn Barrels are ILLEGAL.

This process caused an unnecessary trip to the Fire Station for citizens in order to get or renew a burn permit. The District will continue to reach out to the community to educate our customers about burning regulations and current burning conditions. There are no changes to how or when burning occurs. The only change is that a written permit is no longer needed for residential burning.

The process of outdoor burning is governed by the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency. Regulations can be found on their Web site or at the District 3’s web site ORCCA does NOT require a residential burn permit in Clallam County.

If you have further questions, Please call ORCAA at (800) 422-5623